An Online Course by Abhishek Chakraborty

Reengineer your thinking for the better.

Accelerate your career by transforming yourself from a passive consumer of information to an active generator of ideas.

We are all experts at information consumption. Even though we read 10 articles a day, watch 50 videos a week, and complete 100 books a year, when it comes to converting the collected information into actionable knowledge, we do a mediocre job.

On top of that, 99% of the content we consume is garbage. They may be well crafted, but don’t add anything new to our body of knowledge. We don’t realise this because we engage in passive consumption instead of active utilisation.

Schools are responsible for this. They never taught us how to question what we consume, or reinterpret what we learn, or generate new ideas from our existing knowledge.

This creates serious problems in real life. That’s where this course comes in.

Reengineered Thinking (RE:Thinking) is a live 5 week online program where you’ll learn effective strategies to organise your growing knowledge in various fields, identify the gaps in your understanding, and generate new ideas based on what you already know.​

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    If you identify yourself as a creator, a decision maker, a knowledge worker, or anybody who wishes to master structured thinking, you would definitely benefit from this course.


    What is RE:Thinking?

    RE:Thinking is a 5 week live online course conducted by Abhishek Chakraborty that teaches you structured thinking.​ It has the following modules:

    1. The Psychology of Creativity
    2. Filtered Consumption
    3. Active Utilisation
    4. Remixed Thinking
    5. Hammock Driven Development of Ideas
    6. The Feynman System of Note-taking
    7. Stumbling on Epiphanies
    8. Bending Rules Creatively

    Whether you’re just starting out or already established, RE:Thinking will challenge you to forget some of the things you know, embrace some new thinking, and execute at another level.

    This course will help you organise your growing knowledge in various fields, identify the gaps in your understanding, and generate new ideas based on what you already know.​

    But, I already know how to think.

    All of us know and engage in Passive Thinking which is our default thinking, but very few of us—less than a minuscule—know how to practice Structured Thinking.

    Passive thinking is prone to cognitive biases and mental errors, while Structured Thinking is targeted, and helps us quickly synthesise what we already know to generate creative ideas and make better decisions.

    Structured Thinking is indispensable for top performers who want to take risks confidently, stand out from their peers, and position themselves for the best possible future.

    Who conducts the program?

    RE:Thinking is conducted by Abhishek Chakraborty, that’s me. I am a designer, developer, entrepreneur, and the guy behind where I’ve written 150+ essays on structured thinking and decision making.

    I swear this is the best photo I have

    My readers include students, teachers, CEOs, coaches, athletes, artists, leaders, politicians, and many other fine folks who want to take risks and make decisions with confidence.

    How is this different from the essays on

    My essays provide a piece of the puzzle. What I’ve created in this program for you is a way to master the craft of structured thinking so that you can put the puzzle together.

    While I avoid giving prescriptive suggestions in my essays, this course is different. Each lesson gives you specific questions to answer and techniques to practice so you can learn these skills for yourself.

    How does RE:Thinking work?

    RE:Thinking consists of 10 live interactive sessions via Google Meet where Abhishek will teach the materials in the form of short live lectures, followed by discussions, and exercises.

    You will take part in the office hours, get access to bonus supplements, and also complete a capstone project.

    Is RE:Thinking for me?

    If you wish to generate good ideas, improve your creativity, and become an original thinker, RE:Thinking is for you. Ideal members fall into one of these categories:

    Entrepreneurs and Managers: Do you have trouble in managing all the information you need to make confident business decisions? Do you feel like you need to better articulate your thoughts to communicate your ideas? RE:Thinking will help you learn what works.

    Creators: Are you struggling to generate new ideas for your creative projects? Are you a YouTuber, podcaster, writer, or an journalist who is having a tough time piecing various sources of information together? RE:Thinking will help you hit the accelerator.

    Students and Teachers: Do you feel like you are studying/researching all day, but aren’t getting anywhere? Do you feel that you are lost in an ocean of information but don’t have any idea how to tie all of them together into a coherent form? RE:Thinking will help you get more done by studying less.

    RE:Thinking teaches you:

    • How to quickly identify and avoid garbage information
    • How to learn more and consume less
    • How to reinterpret others’ ideas to fit your needs
    • How to organise your growing knowledge in various fields into a structured form
    • How to constantly rediscover and reinterpret already known information
    • How to identify gaps in your understanding and plug the loopholes
    • How to generate new ideas based on what you already know

    Who’s NOT right for this program?

    • If you’re looking for a quick fix, shortcuts, or a one-on-one coach, this program is not for you
    • This program isn’t right for you if you’re looking to market your services to your fellow students
    • If you’re already a master thinker and decision maker and have the results to prove it, this isn’t for you
    • If you’re not open to changing your approach, this isn’t for you
    • RE:Thinking isn’t right for you if you’re not willing to do the work, want a plug and play solution, or just want to “get better quickly”. This is a get better slowly program. There are no shortcuts.

    What’s NOT covered in the program?

    The program is not designed to:

    • Tell you exactly what to do. I’ll give you the tools, but I don’t have the perfect solution (and you’ll find that there isn’t one). But I can help you build an effective system that can work well for you.
    • Teach you knowledge management and research methods. I’ll leave that to the academics. What this program is focused on is applicable skills used in the real world by curious folks.
    • Be consumed and not implemented. If you’re looking to passively consume information, there are dozens of books. This program is designed for you to actively walk through the thinking and idea generation process. Consuming it passively will not help you become a better thinker.

    Think of it this way. This program won’t help you pick which stock to buy — but it will help you get clear on your investment strategy so that you can pick your own stocks.

    If you’ve spent time reading biographies trying to reverse engineer the thinking of leaders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs, or you spend your weekends reading decision making and psychology books, but just don’t know how to translate them into actionable insight when you face a real situation in your own life — you’re in the right spot.

    When does RE:Thinking begin?

    The second cohort will run from 16th August to 16th September 2021.

    Core Live Sessions will run twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays at 21:30 IST / 17:00 CET / 12:00 ET.

    Each live session will have 90–120 minutes of live teaching, assignments, group discussions, bonus supplements, feedback sessions, and more.

    How much time do I need to commit?

    I recommend 4–6 hours per week to attend the sessions, complete the assignments, and practice the skills.

    This program is action orientated and based on what works in reality. There are no fast or even guaranteed results. Thinking better is more than just taking an online course. While it’s full of timeless behaviours and routines, it’s something you’ll work on getting better at for the rest of your life.

    I would strongly recommend you to attend all the live sessions, but in case if you miss one, worry not. You’ll still receive the class notes and exercises. You can also choose to pay a premium and attend future cohorts free of cost.

    How much does it cost?

    The course fee is $199. This includes live sessions, assignments, group discussions, bonus supplements, feedback sessions, along with a lifetime access to all future cohorts. You can attend all future RE:Thinking cohorts without paying a single buck.

    The course content is dense. Lifetime Access guarantees that you keep on taking the course over and over until it cements your learning. If you know the cost of poor thinking, then paying this premium is recommended.

    If you don’t want the option to avail the course in future, the fee would be $99. Except lifetime access, you get access to everything else.

    Can I get a discount?

    The short answer is no. The long answer is, if you think this is expensive, you should see the cost of poor thinking. Compared to a college degree which doesn’t help you think better in any way, this is a bargain.

    Will the sessions be recorded?

    No. I’m not a huge fan of recording sessions to watch later. It subtly suggests that you don’t have to be completely attentive during the live sessions. Trust me, you’ll feel the difference after the course.

    What If I don’t like the program?

    No problem. I back this program with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Here is how it works:

    Participate the first week. If you feel this program isn’t right for you, send an email to I would like to know why it didn’t work for you so that I can make it better, but you’ll get a complete refund. Simple as that.

    I still have questions, how can I contact you?

    No problem. Send me an email at

    Invest a few hours a week and I’ll change how you approach creativity, thinking, and learning forever.